September 4, 2009

You have been more faithful than the morning sun.

My dear friends,

I don't really want to list all the details of the last few days on here because I know that I will fall into complaining. All I need to say is that the Lord has been faithful to me and Anthony and that even in my most selfish state, I know that His love covers me still. When obstacles come, I have to put my circumstances in perspective with what others are going through and get over myself!

We will sign the lease for our woodsy house on the outskirts of Columbus (community called Fortson) by the middle of the month. Right now I'm staying with my (gracious!) brother-in-law and Anthony will move out of the barracks at the end of this upcoming week.

Moving and being in a bit of upheaval was harder than I thought it would be, but my families have been my backbone (literally, Dad was muscles when I needed him).

Please keep our family in your prayers, and especially remember my grandma Nancy.

Love and peace to you all.