August 24, 2012

Hey-o! It's August. Can you believe it? Football season is days away, and the light outside is fading faster at bedtime. Where has the year gone?

I don't really have a reason for this blog post. Seriously. I just wanted to note that I know a great peace lately, even with Anthony gone. God is sustaining me emotionally and physically, and I've been surprised by all the different opportunities lately to serve my friends and church. I think that this is the "hitting my stride" period of deployment; I am comfortable with our new routine and have a feel for the pacing of the next few months.

Here are the blessings I'm counting before I forget them:

a great birthday and a fancy new camera
the drive to keep a clean house
a good guard dog
cooler weather
friendships with older, wiser women
family that pesters me until I call them back
starting back to school in October
love at PWOC
my girlfriends
pecan pralines