March 8, 2010

Spring and Summer

This winter has been like the last party guest left at your house... they've helped clean up, dished on their life problems, taken a nap on the couch, found their keys... and then popped in a movie. What? Get out of here :) Snow, rain, freezing temperatures, and windwindwind. I've been bundled up in a warm house, but the hubs is straight-up sleeping on the ground on camping trips with Uncle Sam.

With the advent of the southern chinook, Anthony and I want to check out the end tip of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, which is in the northeast region around Springer Mountain. It would be nice to do the entire trail consecutively, but that would require a trust fund, no job responsibilities and an eternal spring. So instead, we are going to do the trail a portion at a time over vacation breaks and long weekends and Saturdays. This is a no-pressure, fulfill at your leisure kind of goal.

(*Update: We received orders to be stationed here at Ft. Benning! Yippee! No moving! I will write more about this development soon*)

Now that I think about it, we have about 6 months left here. Although we still don't know where we're going yet, I need to think about transitioning again. Cardboard boxes. Jobs. Petey in the cab of a moving truck. Time to trust.

Go put on your sundresses. It's almost spring and we can daydream in bright yellow again.