January 29, 2010


The Tuesday que viene. Anthony is going to be "in the field", so I'm being nice and waiting until he gets back to watch it.

I need to know:

-If Juliette died.
-If Sun and Jin will ever be reunited.
-If any more Dharma food will be eaten.
-If we get to see Clementine again.
-Does Kate end up with Jack or Sawyer? I say Jack.

Yay! Excited.

January 25, 2010

Take a map and point to anywhere.

Where to next? Do we pull the trigger or wait for the pick-up sticks to leave the hand?

I pray for Haiti and wonder about the extreme reconstruction. In a single day, the nation moved from "weak" to "failed" -- by political standards. God doesn't play by those rules, though.

January 19, 2010

Green Things

Anthony's mom, Theresa, gave me two beautiful, flowering succulents over the Christmas break. They were an especially meaningful gift because they originally belonged to Ms. Wilson, her green-thumbed neighbor and an old Delgado family friend and babysitter. She and Ila Creel made the best oatmeal raisin cookies together, and were always in charge at the church's "dinner on the grounds". I wonder if they are both looking down from heaven now. I dare say yes, as the plants are still alive.

January 11, 2010

Twenty ten

Oh, like always, I have neglected this blog. Let's brush away the cobwebs.
(FYI, blogging more often is NOT a resolution. If it happens, it happens :) ).

Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's holidays were raucous celebrations with lots of family and friends and food. It seems right that the biggest feasts and parties are at the end of a year, but alternately, the Julian calendar starts us over in the deadest time of the twelve months. It is too cold right now in mid-Georgia for this Panhandle girl, although I hear that it's chilly there too. Anthony came home with a camera full of pictures of a frozen plaza fountain in mid-gush on Ft. Benning.


Grad school (online through Troy University, MS in International Relations) has kicked off for me. With only two classes, I am handling the time-consuming reading and writing fairly well, and enjoy the subject matter. Tomorrow I will write on the application of morality in foreign policy.

My small home business (called Story and Spool) will be launching on etsy.com in February. I am indulging my creative side in afternoons playing with vintage gowns and dresses, making them fashionable again, but without compromising their decade's integral design. Pictures soon to come :)

Final Thought:

My resolution for 2010 mirrors an English saying from World War II propaganda art: "Keep calm and carry on". Although it seems a bit unemotional and underreaching, I know that this year holds many changes in store for Anthony and I, some of which may not be convenient or wanted. I want to look back in 2011 and see myself as a Proverbs 31 woman -- constant, hard-working and dedicated to her family. That doesn't sound like a roaring good time, but it is. Trust me, I'm (going to one day be) a doctor.