June 24, 2011

The Servant of All

I'm very grateful that our church has a nursing mother's room. I can get half-naked and not worry about all of Emmy's embarrassing snacking and latching noises. Unfortunately, this also means a lot of chit-chat with the other moms in there, which I love, but is very distracting from our pastor on the other side of the darkened glass window.

So.... my solution is to re-listen to each Sunday's teaching online (calvaryofcolumbus.com). Two days ago I listened to a teaching on mothers, "A Mother's Heart, God's Heart", and was brought to tears because I learned an important truth.

Pastor Mark was showing the similarities that mothers share with God's personality and nature. He loves His kids, He cares for their physical needs, He nurtures their Spirit, and... He serves them.

God Himself washed feet. He provided and prepared food. Every day I give Emmy a bath, feed her and keep our house going. It's not a difficult job because I love her, and it's the same with God. He serves us continually, and when I remember this, that fifth load of laundry is less of a chore and more of a joy.

June 21, 2011

Dear America

Dear America,

Please amend all political applications, state and federal, to include this header in bold:



What the what?

P.S. But really!?!?! These guys have beautiful wives. I'm talking to you, Sanford, Spitzer, Edwards, Weiner (heehee), Clinton, et al.

June 17, 2011


Of all the characters in Milne's Hundred Acre Wood, my family pegged me as Rabbit, and I don't deny the comparison. My rambunctious sister Holly was Tigger, melancholy Cassandra could be Owl, Piglet and Eeyore, and Rebecca, the baby of the family, was Roo. But I was definitely Rabbit.

Lists. Schedules. Check marks. Stopwatches. Being the BOSS. I love them all, and being the oldest brought out the natural leader (and slavedriver) in me.

Now that I'm an adult, this is both a good and bad thing. I'm a great administrator and I get things done. I'm innovative and responsible. I'm also at times overreaching with my (almost) adult sisters and I have the problem of automatically assuming that I need to step into every power vacuum. I'll admit that I think that I have the answer to every question and the solution to every problem.

I'm trying to put my hands behind my back a bit more; in fact, my only New Year's Resolution was to not offer advice (if I could help it!) unless it was about spiritual matters or was solicited. I'm not sure how to gauge progress on that, except that I try to stay mindful of it.

I wonder, if every time I tried to initiate change in another's life -- be it ever so small as a makeup suggestion or grand as an educational plan -- if instead, I shared with them about Jesus or what I had been reading in the Bible, how much more uplifted they would be. There's a time and place for guidance in the practical and superficial matters in life, but I am deeply convicted that I have been wasting my time telling people what to do about trivial things. I could instead be encouraging their spirits and pointing them to living water instead of another checklist, another way to fall short.

June 15, 2011

Soon and Very Soon

My recent five-day trip to and from Lima, Peru (3 days traveling, 2 days enjoyment) almost killed me, but was well worth the effort. As I'm sitting here, still feeling the jetlag, I am so excited to share about my sister Holly and her new husband, Manolo.

Holly and Manolo met at bible college in Lima, and there are plenty of goofy photos to document the beginning of their friendship -- work projects, short trips, pictures of him playing guitar. It wasn't until Holly took the summer off from school to live with me and work in Tallahassee that I realized she might actually like the guy! I was having a clean-the-house-Saturday and there she was, cozy in our office Skyping him. When the vacuum got too loud, she moved the laptop outside. When it got too hot outside, back in the office they went. SEVEN HOURS LATER, she was ready for dinner. If I had taken a moment to assess the situation, I would have been less annoyed by her not hanging out with me.

The romance continued when she returned to school and they began dating. Holly had never admitted to liking any boy, so I was semi-confident that this was her One. And he was. He befriended and won over our whole family and proposed the night that she graduated from bible college.

Manolo and Holly's wedding was one that truly made me think of The Marriage Supper of The Lamb. A pure bride, an expectant groom, a circle of saints and elders looking on as the two wash each others' feet (that was actually a part of their ceremony).  Their wedding song, as I've linked here, was perfect.


Congratulations to the newlyweds! I know that the Lord will greatly bless your marriage as you seek Him and serve each other in love.

And let us all love Jesus like this: with urgency, humility, patience, purity, longsuffering and the occasional 7 hour Skype :)

(Pictures to come!)

June 7, 2011

'Tis the Season...

If we lived in Germany right now, we would probably be laid up in a hospital with E. coli because we have been crazy eating fruits and vegetables this summer. Even Petey, although he sticks primarily to the occasional strawberry top (just the stem) and banana string (loose inner peel). I love fruit for dinner, and it's always so nice to see Anthony shoveling in forkfuls of fresh salads after long, hot days working in the motor pool. (Insert note on how I love watching this man eat my food.... anyyyyway.)

In an effort to save money at Publix on produce, I have begun to focus my shopping on what's local and seasonal. By local, I mean it in the liberal sense of the tri-state area... gotta have those FL oranges and fresh corn, baby! Yes, I know that this is foodie/trendy, but it makes actual dollar-and-cents sense. You might even be eating more seasonally than you thought if you simply buy what's on sale in the produce section.

Here's a link for any Georgians who want to get the freshest, newest grown fruits of the earth. Check it out!


And here are my latest veggie and fruit delights.

 - strawberry, watermelon and coconut milk smoothie (nothing else needed but ice!)

 - grilled fresh corn (not boiled) sliced off the cob and put into a grilled chicken salad with black beans

 - blueberry pie with lemon zest and nutmeg

 - cabbage, carrots, celery and onion steamed with a tiny pat of butter and crushed bay leaves

 - 1/2 cup of blueberries at the bottom of a home-packed cup of vanilla yogurt for Anthony's breakfasts

 - plain ol' sliced tomatoes with salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar for the easiest dinner sidedish

 -  the same goes for cucumbers! or dress them up with plain yogurt, dill and roasted garlic

 - a fresh peach with a cup of unsweet tea in the afternoon... a natural pick-me-up without adding sugar


June 6, 2011

Another Yellow Daydream

Do you ever daydream of the perfect job? What does it look like?

I have a few, one of which I'm living right now. It's hard work, but raising Emmy and supporting Anthony and his battalion has been very emotionally rewarding.

Here are my other dream jobs, some of which I plan to pursue, some of which are ridiculous, and others that might be aiming too low. I think writing them down will help me to get a grip on what I want the next few years of my life to look like, and how I need to pray and make sure that my steps are following in what God would have for me to do.

1. Independent bookstore owner/manager
2. Etsy-shop-girl*
3. Professor
4. Cameraman (with the over-the-shoulder camera and news station beat-up company car).
5. Radio personality
6. Food writer
7. High school art teacher
8. Hiking gear tester
9. Waitress**

* Sigh.... my Etsy shop has been on "vacation" almost since it opened. I have the will to do it, but the timing or resources or season has never quite clicked. Hopefully by July I will have plans in order to kickstart it again.

**I worked behind the counter at Tropical Smoothie throughout high school and junior college and was on staff with a caterer, but have never been the girl with the pad and menus. I think I would be great! :)

Tell me your dream jobs!

June 2, 2011


I'm leaving in a week for my younger sister's wedding in Peru, and I'm both dreading the trip and terribly happy to be taking it.

I can't remember a time in my life without Holly. She has met the man of her dreams - tall, dark and handsome - and I'm both the maid of honor and florist. Yay! What a privilege to be a part of her special day, and I am so thankful that Anthony took the time and finances to really make this happen for me.

Since April, I have been stashing a (HUGE) supply of breastmilk to keep Emmy going the four days that I will be gone, but Houston, we have a problem. She just won't take a bottle. Though she does drink from it when it's in her mouth, she won't suck on it. About six weeks ago, she stopped using a pacifier, too. (She's really quite a content baby!) I've tried bottle after bottle and almost every type of nipple on the market. I've tried when she's full and when she's hungry.

I'm anxious to think that she will be frustrated and upset without me. She has food, but my worry is that she will be unhappy and have hard days without the comfort of nursing. All the blog advice and googling that I've tried has not worked so far. We're going home this weekend, so I think that Anthony's mom will be able to help, as she bottlefed her boys.

Help! Does anyone have any good tips? Encouragement to ease my mind? I just feel like I'm going to get into Lima, check in by phone with Anthony, and hear a bad report about how she's starving herself.

June 1, 2011

One Glad Morning

One glad morning, when this life is o'er,
I'll fly away.
To a home on God's celestial shore,
I'll fly away.

All of a sudden, here is our 4th wedding anniversary! Anthony and I were married on Saturday, June 2, 2007, on the first rainy day in a summer drought. Tonight we will celebrate with a special dinner at the house, and I hope to get in an hour or two in the porch swing with him at his mom's house this weekend, just like the end of each date night many years ago. I am making gazpacho, bread with herbs and oil, rosemary-mustard rack of lamb, and roasted vegetables. I'll also pick up some dessert from the Fresh Market.

I cannot imagine my life without this man. I love him dearly and my current daily routine revolves around his presence or absence. Only three weeks ago, I received a morning call from a friend and fellow Army wife, who solemnly told me that her husband (Anthony's friend) was killed in action in Aghanistan. My heart breaks for her, although it is a comfort to know that he is now on "God's celestial shore". It hurts to be this happy and content while my sister will not see another anniversary with her love until God calls her home too.

Happy Anniversary, my dear! And forgive my bittersweet talk on this day. Together or apart, we are one. I will forever love you.

Boob Tube

Why is television called that? I get that the "tube" part = old-school electronic parts. Is the "boob" part an insult to the average viewer? Did I just answer my question?

I am happy to report that breastfeeding is going well. (Roll with me here, for a minute, it's relevant!) Emmy is in the 100th percentile for weight for her age group. She's got her daddy's length and her momma's chunk. I don't know what I'm going to do if that girl has curves AND long legs. Anyway... more time with the Boppy and a thirsty baby on the couch has unfortunately led to more TV time. Emmy doesn't yet get my running commentary on the shows, so I wanted to make a few points here about what I've been watching lately.

The Event -  Anthony and I were enticed by this NBC drama solely by the fact that its creator (J.J. Abrams) was the mind behind LOST. Many a Tuesday night we have spent catching up on the political/social/relationship drama on OnDemand. Although one or two plot holes and a tendency toward the impossibly optimistic plot line reveal the show's infancy, it was strong enough to keep me guessing and cheering on a Palmer-like president. The villains are bad in a new way (the main antagonist is a mother figure), and the heroes are good in the same way that comfort food is. They are familiar. So, do you want to watch it now? TOO BAD, because NBC has fated it to go the way of the buffalo. And honestly, I don't want anything other network (except maybe ABC) to pick it up. It just wouldn't work.

Real Housewives of Orange County - The entire Housewives franchise on Bravo has long been a guilty pleasure, one I admit to my girlfriends, deny to my husband and need to just give up! However, I've followed one woman, Vicki, on this show for several seasons and honestly wish that I could've given her marriage advice. She is a mother, workaholic professional, loves the good life, and now considers her husband as a "roommate". Vicki was once in love with Donn and the reality series has painfully recorded their marital struggles, from dealing with external problems like a failing economy, to internal cracks in the foundation. Vicki spends too much time at work. Donn makes hurtful comments about Vicki's personality.

What saddened me the most was to see Vicki admit to a girlfriend that she wanted a "biblical man" -- a godly husband. Though slick editing prevails and we only see one side of the story, it was obvious that Donn had given up. He was content to be emotionally and physically detached from his wife. Now they are entering into divorce proceedings and both have moved past the point of trying. Very sad indeed, and I would have presumptuously told Vicki to only work part-time, downsize into a smaller home and do whatever she had to to restore the joy that her marriage once held for her. In the end, though, it takes two to tango.

Saturday Night Live - Though the writing for this long-running series has, as of late, been lame at its worst, hilarious at its best and amusing on the average, the current cast is phenomenal. Kristen Wiig is awesome. My favorite new character is an NYC nightlife expert named "Stefan" who is featured on Weekend Update with Seth Meyer. Bill Hader plays a weird gay man to the T, and I can't put into words how funny I think he is. Just go youtube "Stefan SNL".

Ummmm.... there should be a conclusion paragraph here. Nah.

Answered Prayers

I have friends in Ft. Benning and Columbus.

Joe and Vanessa are walking with Jesus (it seems like more than I am). Vanessa was baptized by Anthony last weekend!

All of my sisters get to go to Peru for Holly's wedding.

My marriage is strong and thriving, and having a baby has only brought us closer together.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my silent morning prayers.