June 29, 2010

Wooden Spoons

Because I love food, my love for cooking comes naturally. I remember reading every page of every cookbook that my mother owned, lingering longer at the pages with tantalizing pictures of a lemongrass stir-fry, caramel coffee cake or poached halibut. Creating my own kooky concoctions either made for a fun snack or an "interesting" non-repeat.

A simple joy for me is to cook dinner from scratch for friends or family. Stirring a savory cream sauce with wooden spoons (one for stirring, one for tasting) gives me time to appreciate and really listen to the conversation in the other room. Please don't hear any Ina-Garten-snobbery in my preference for from-scratch. I can appreciate cut-up hot dogs in macaroni and cheese like any other. It's just that I find a meal to be one of the best ways to show love.

June 8, 2010

Save Now

I have lines about these kids,
that's what they are.
Kids in men's uniforms,
David in Saul's armor.

I have lines about these kids,
they're about their fates.
Kids in greens and blues,
identifiable by that tri-leveled fade.

I have lines about these kids,
but only intend to Save Now.
No plan to publish later
with a '63 Cronkite moment of silence
and clearing of throat.