February 1, 2010

Beachy McBeacherton Estates

That's what Anthony and I are going to name our beach house one day... when we have a beach house.

Since I'm now a housewife/grad student/about to be entrepreneur, I decided to share some secrets of my success with my reader audience:

1) Every three or four days, don't be ashamed to rock the pajamas until 10 minutes before your significant other or roommate comes home. Yeah, they mean "I haven't showered yet", but since when is cleanliness next to awesomeness?

2) Develop an intense emotional bond to your email. Check it as if your life depends on it, as least your social life. Also talk to your dog and expect him to respond, as he will.

3) If nothing else, make the bed.

4) Pray! And then write your paper.

5) Don't eat all the snacks in the house unless they are celery sticks and hummus. WiiFit knoooooowwwwws.

In all seriousness, I'm having fun with school and dresses and my little hermit life. So wherever you are, my dear readers, stay in your pajamas as long as you possibly can because before you know it, you are back again in the suit.

Ta ta for now.


  1. i do #1 & #2 religiously. glad to know i'm not alone, lol. miss you guys! - amber :)

  2. We miss you too! Petey would probably pass out if he saw Aunt Amber :)