October 23, 2012

Strung together

Oh dear. The only reason I'm writing here is that it's my last-ditch attempt at procrastinating grad school readings. Yes, I'm back in school! And so thankful to have that on my plate again. I'm easing back into the program with a course on power theories, which is fascinating to me, but I won't worry with that for the next few minutes.


Here are Emmy's first few sentences from the past 8 weeks or so.

(on FaceTime): "Daddy, you funny."

(stroking my hair): "Mommy is good girl."

(impatiently crying for her too-hot meal): "I see my dinner!!!!!"

I am blown away by the little person she is.

She's charming and loves orderly arrangements and peanut butter on apples. Her hair is a mess and her shoes are more stylish than mine. She reminds me to read her her Bible story at bathtime when I forget, and she angrily threw a snack pouch in Wal-Mart tonight, splattering pureed sweet potatoes all over me and all over the styrofoam-packaged eggs as she screamed. She is in love with her daddy, who sends her the most thoughtful presents and postcards and sings and dances with her during their online afternoon talks. She is crazy about Winnie the Pooh, and she makes her stuffed animals kiss each other before bedtime.

She gives me a lump in my throat and she makes these days so full of joy and exhaustion.

I am honored to be her mama.

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